Sunday, July 18, 2010

"when we were cats"

I admit. I need a diversion than my usual movies both on cable & on the big screen, my Tarot cards, my junk food, & my PSP games (currently, Midnight Club: LA Remix & Need for Speed: Shift). The last stage play I've seen was Avenue Q for my birthday 3 years ago, & seeing Lea Salonga plug her upcoming show CATS on cable TV a few times already this month, along with Citibank sending me incessant e-mail about it, now makes me want to check out the fuss.

The play's called "CATS Now & Forever" which is based on T.S. Eliot's "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats." Lea Salonga will be portraying Grizabella, whom she says has a very interesting life & we Filipinos can learn a lot from. She'll be singing the classic "Memory" song, which was my favorite when I was so much younger. (Oh, God, me & my propensity for everything pensive, tsk. Yeah, I was 9 when I liked that & "Michelle" from The Beatles, haha.) Andrew Lloyd Webber's music will make this doubly interesting, OMG, & what better time to get this show on the road than when the Sun's finally in the sign of Leo, from July 24 to August 22? Rawrrr. I mean, meow. OK, whatev. :P

CATS will be held at the Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo in the CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines) in Manila, & tickets are sold via Ticketworld (exclusive of Ticketworld fees). The prices vary based on schedule, & here's a rundown of them:

SAT (3:00pm)
SUN (2:30pm)
PhP7000 PhP5000 PhP3500 PhP2000 PhP1000

TUE, WED, THU (8:00pm)
SUN (7:30pm)
PhP6000 PhP4500 PhP3000 PhP1500 PhP750


FRI, SAT (8:00pm)
PhP7000 PhP5000 PhP3500 PhP2000 Php1000

& here's the full listing of the play dates, until further notice, perhaps:

SHOW DATES (as of April 2010)
SAT July 24 Matinee + Evening
SUN July 25 Matinee + Evening
TUE July 27 Evening
WED July 28 Evening
THU July 29 Evening
FRI July 30 Evening
SAT July 31 Matinee + Evening
SAT July 31 Evening
SUN August 1 Matinee + Evening
TUE August 3 Evening
WED August 4 Evening
THU August 5 Evening
FRI August 6 Evening
SAT August 7 Matinee + Evening
SUN August 8 Matinee + Evening
TUE August 10 Evening
WED August 11 Evening
THU August 12 Evening
FRI August 13 Evening
SAT August 14 Matinee + Evening
SUN August 15 Matinee + Evening
TUE August 17 Evening
WED August 18 Evening
FRI August 20 Evening
SAT August 21 Matinee + Evening
SUN August 22 Matinee + Evening

I really should keep all of these dates in mind, & I need to check my almanac which date would be the best to watch this show on personally. ♥

For more information, visit their official Facebook page or Tumblr site. Fun stuff abound!

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