Sunday, May 22, 2011

not another shop-til-you-drop summer bazaar

Ohayo again! I'm sorry for being gone for a very long time (for the nth time) — I am that swamped with work & it was only last week that I was able to finally slow down & take a break, but not before I had to reunite with my high school best friends, with matching sleepover, even if I really didn't get any shut-eye. But I'll be posting all my overdue reviews this week, & I'm excited. This summer's the most promising, so far. & to prove that point, look at what I found out at the last minute:

So one of my most ardent clients Jenny Lee just texted me a couple of hours ago saying that she joined this huge bazaar this weekend at the Rockwell Tent, & today's the LAST day. I'll be scoring a complimentary pair of shoes from their line Prêt-à-Porter, & I'm happy for their big launch! We were talking about it a few months ago, & she even remembers my size! I've got huge feet now, & depending on the brand I shuffle from 9" to 10". & to double-check, because I'm just about to get cool Iron Fist flats locally, my silly feet should be about 25 cm., hehe. (HINT, HINT.) I'm glad that Jenny's line can cater to plus sizes, yay. I hope her gift fits me! ♥

Aside from my gladiator flats, strappy sandals, & old Nikes, I basically live & breathe in flip-flops, because I like comfort above everything else & I'm still bordering on androgynous like that, though I saved myself the agony of going to the Make Your Own Havaianas event this year. I hope I won't get claustrophobic later at the SuperSale Bazaar, but let's see. Since I desperately need a wardrobe update, I can't wait to check out more girly shoes & swimwear there even if I'm not yet in shape for that (who cares? I'm swimming alone in a secluded beach!) & I can't wait to check out Jenny's footwear brand because I remember her saying comfort was also what they so had in mind when they developed their styles. Hooray.

Now this SuperSale Bazaar at the Rockwell Tent looks pretty interesting because not only credit cards will be accepted, but also proceeds of the tickets will go to the ICanServe Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides hope, help, & information to women (& men? *gasp*) diagnosed with breast cancer. So, yay, shop for a cause. There are supposedly over 100 brands to choose from, discounted up to 90% even on selected items. & don't worry about missing Sunday Mass later, as there will be one held at 3pm at the Annex.

If you print that online poster/flier, you might get 20% off the ticket price. But you (oh, we!) can also get in for free by presenting either a Xend waybill from anytime this month or a Fitness First membership card (haha, this might just work for me!) or by wearing an ICan Serve t-shirt. But the ticket price is only P100 anyway.

I hope that when I get there, they're still giving away eco-bags, & that I can snag a PicturePerfect photo booth souvenir, & maybe I can win something from their raffle draws (which will be thrown, like, every half an hour).

Maybe I'll just devote the rest of the day to myself. Get pampered, mosey along MUJI & Fully Booked then proceed there, then resume my writeups, then collapse at tonight's Irie Sunday gig at B-SIDE at The Collective. Lessee if I survive the abominable summer heat outdoors.

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