Thursday, October 22, 2009

on Gaia worship

So I'm supposed to be posting about food today (or at least about this fizzy strawberry-flavored energy drink that's been keeping me up this week) but I got way too excited with these new bath products which just got delivered to my doorstep today. I bought them a couple of nights ago online, because my some of my esoteric friends were raving about their local + organic discoveries. Who wouldn't want products that are organic; ergo, environment-friendly, chemical-free, not to mention fresh-smelling — & most importantly — homegrown? Plus the prices are actually pretty affordable, come to think of it, for organic stuff! I got especially curious with the mango body butter, conditioner, & hair mask because I'm a sucker for ripe mango anything (except for Estee Lauder Pleasures Exotic, which only left me nauseous for hours, to the point of getting confined) but I forgot the body butter amidst the excitement, as I'm not really too keen on slathering lotion or creams on my horrendously sensitive skin to begin with. I got the lemongrass body scrub, though, & I was thinking I really wouldn't have a need for it, since it has cocoa butter, & usually products like my favorite Aqua Mirabilis bar make me feel like I don't really need an after-shower lotion. However, serious (no matter how gentle) exfoliation requires moisturizing after, & I totally regret the blunder. I don't mind! I'm all the more excited now to get everything else from Human Heart Nature!

For starters, I got the 50ml bottles of shampoo & conditioner, & the 50g tub for the hair mask, & the 100g tub for the body scrub. True enough, just a little of each goes a long way. I got different variants for my hair for kicks, because I like the whole mix-&-match hoopla.

I got the cucumber strengthening shampoo (for a silky, smooth finish supposedly) with pearl powder, aloe vera, & virgin coconut oil (an essential ingredient in all their shampoos & conditioners). Upon use, the shower room smelled like I had a freshly sliced cucumber in there, & it was really earthy. Like I just picked one straight from my backyard garden or something, & it wasn't really to my liking. But I liked how the shampoo was easy to rinse, how it didn't weigh down my hair, & my how my hair felt okay after. As in, no hair fall or broken strands! So far, so good. I'll try the peppermint variant next, then maybe even the guava & mandarin orange bottles for my chemically-abused tresses, while I can't splurge yet on my designer hair care spree.

Then I had the mandarin orange nourishing conditioner with mango butter, & this one takes the cake! I left this on for as long as possible (while I used the lemongrass body scrub) & the whole shower room smelled divine when I did. My hair felt divine, too, when I rinsed it off! Again, it was so easy to rinse, there was no icky residue, & my hair felt nicer than ever. No wonder it's the bestseller on the website. A lot of people already swear by it. Because of this, I so want all the more now to try either the guava or mandarin orange-scented shampoo. Hooray for aromatherapy!

The mango butter with peppermint & natural Vitamin E intense moisture hair mask felt so good, too! The peppermint was cool & soothing enough to leave on my scalp, but I left it on for only 5 minutes or so, because I was excited to finish my bath & blab about my findings. The verdict? Yep, really nice & manageable hair (even if I have a jagged mullet, haha) & a lighter head. Again, it was pretty easy to rinse, & I can't wait to get the 200g tub soon. I'm also excited to give my culture vulture friend this product for her birthday for her curly mane!

Now the lemongrass body scrub with cocoa butter & brown rice beads was rather tricky. Sure, I've always liked lemongrass in my mom's cooking, hehe, & I only got to appreciate its energizing effects via aromatherapy lately (as my current day spa getaway uses lemongrass essential oil as one of its main picks for massages), so I was thinking, mmm, this should be lovely. I'm currently using a warm, spicy, delightful green tea body scrub for everyday use with lemon, peppermint, & caraway; but oh, what the heck, a quasi-corporate drone like me exposed to stress & pollution every week could never have enough body scrub formulas for an instant pick-me-up whenever necessary. My face's all blotched & parched, but I tend to be more irritated if the rest of my body's not conditioned. Anyway, the body scrub's gentle enough to be used everyday but potent enough to get squeaky-clean all over, but the scent's actually cloying, & for a while I thought I was going to hurl or something while I was applying it all over. I could smell the sweet, earthy hints of cocoa butter & brown rice but maybe those really don't go well with lemongrass, so, bleargh. It also smelled faintly like there was honey in it. Yum. I could really feel the cocoa butter, though, while I was doing so, & finally rinsing it all off felt marvelous. Well, this one was rather hard to rinse off, however, as my arms & thighs were rather sticky, but oh God. It does smell & feel so much better after I've washed myself clean, because only then did I realize that it felt like I've just stepped out of a spa. I smelled overall good enough to eat, haha, & I felt recharged. I was so pleased to the point of exhilaration that I hardly got any sleep today! Dammit. I wonder if I'll keep myself up. Maybe another shower should do the trick. But I'll stick to my soap du jour lest I'd end up sick to go back to work.

Nevertheless, I'm in love, & I can't wait to try everything else. My lifeless coif & horrendously sensitive skin have found instant relief, & the fact that I'm contributing to a very good cause by advocating this particular local + organic fare is giving so much more hope for mankind & this godforsaken country.


  1. Wow, thanks for the name drop! :D

    I sooo love Human Heart Nature! I'm so excited to try the hand & foot salve, the sunflower oil and massage oils! Too bad the perfumes got discontinued even before I got to try them. Sighs.

    Needless to say, I signed up as a dealer! What a joy to spread the news about these organic products. :D

  2. WTH, we've been friends for the longest time, Mare, so that's not just some name-dropping! :P

    I'm happy to sign up as a dealer, too, thanks to your suggestion! The massage oils are wonderful. I'm using eucalyptus right now. I sold a bottle of the guava variant early this year. The eucalyptus hand & foot salve's also lovely, but since I'm a heavy mango body butter user at the moment, that's what I'm using from head to toe. I'm not sure if they're reselling the solid perfumes now, but it's still in the price list. They've discontinued my favorite everyday fruit-&-coconut body scrub, & I miss it.

    I'm in love with their other items, like their lip balms & hand sanitizers. I'll review them soon enough. I'm really happy to have discovered this line. I'm so happy we're contributing to fair trade & environmental conservation while we're making ourselves look & feel better at the same time! ♥