Sunday, November 15, 2009

powering up

Let me tell you about this new energy drink that has been helping me to stay awake for about a couple of weeks now. I seriously need a boost everytime, & I can't depend on coffee & chocolate anymore for that. Despite my power naps at my day job every weekday, sometimes I can't help but rake up sleep debt, especially when I'm really swamped with other things to do. (Which reminds me, that's the reason why I haven't posted anything for a long while, because I got caught up with so much other crap to engage in, & now I'm doomed. But don't worry, I'll be more self-centered from now on. Take that any way you would.) So, to keep myself afloat, I tried this strawberry-flavored energy drink from the makers of Pepsi called Sting, thanks to my coworker Don, whom I'd usually have breakfast with, with 4 others. (We've called ourselves The Breakfast Club, btw, in homage to that fantastic classic 80's movie, & because all we do is eat after every shift, unless, of course, I need to dash back home to catch up on my beauty sleep. I'm telling you, my sleep debt's THAT bad.)

So I liked how strawberry Sting tasted on my first go. Even the Gold Blast (rather fruity, but with some weird aftertaste, that also would remind other people grotesquely of piss because how it's so, uhm, yellow) wasn't so bad, compared to all them energy drinks I've abused in the last 2 years (like Bacchus, for starters). I have to stop myself from grabbing another bottle everytime because it feels like I'm only downing some strawberry-flavored softdrink, yay! Doesn't taste like cough syrup at all! Aside from that, energy drinks leave me more brain-dead than ever at the end of the day, so I really better take it easy. I can't find any decent information about the product online, though, except for this link to its crazy commercial (which I'm not posting, I'm sorry, LOL).

So what else's so special about it? I'm not really sure. It's only P18 at 7-11, btw, for 330mL, & it has the usual power-up essentials: Vitamin B3 + B6 +B12, ginseng extract, taurine, & inositol, which is supposedly for preventing fat build-up in the liver, helping alleviate certain psychological problems (e.g. bulimia, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsiveness, depression), & promoting hair growth. Whatev. Then you have all sorts of other chemicals enumerated in the nutrition information list, & you can only wonder how much are the odds of you intoxicating yourself compared to actually nourishing yourself with the stuff, among other critical factors in your environment & diet. All I'd think about then to make myself feel better is that I need to take the stuff pretty early so I'd stay awake for the entirety of my shift, & I'd be more productive & rule-abiding (as I can't be caught dead sleeping on the job, yo!) as a result.

Anyway, I think everything local that has graffiti or tattoo art on it nowadays is rather overrated, but I really could care less about the packaging or bottling at this point. I just want my strawberry Sting real bad everytime I want it, & I go practically mental when I've to settle for something else.

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